Is Quest the right tool for a Google StreetView Treasure Hunt?

Hello friends,
In this time of lockdown my pals and I are doing the usual quizzes and online gaming etc. But I wondered about creating a treasure hunt that people could follow across our city (I live in Nottingham).

I wanted to ask your advice about whether Quest might be the right tool to use for this.

  • I need to support both Apple and Android users, so a web-based thing would be good. I see Quest is this type of tool.
  • The idea would be to give an instruction as a cyptic clue - like "Go to Nottingham's most famous character and tell me {some question}". So this takes them to the statue of Robin Hood next to the castle, and I'd need to tell them to click on the photosphere view on Streetview. The question could be "how many plaques are on the wall behind Robin?".

So here is my thought. The actual answer is 4. I would want to deduct points if they get the wrong answer - to discourage guessing. Is that possible in Quest? Can I keep a running score for a team? How would I collect the scores in one place (like a Google Sheet)? I guess I could let their game keep score and they just send a screen shot of their results.

When they enter the answer I need to test it and give them the next clue. Sort of like IF ANSWER = 4 THEN SHOW {next clue}

So each time they are sent to a new location they need to find something on Streetview that they enter into Quest and Quest will tell them the next location. I would also like to set them challenges along the way - like "strike a pose like Robin Hood and send your photo to this gallery (this might be a Google Photos folder). Bonus points for each challenge you complete.".

Is this the kind of game I could create on Quest?

Do you have any suggestions either for what I can create in Quest, or another tool that would be better?

I don't have recent coding experience, but I am "aware of programming languages" :-)


There was a guy creating a nice game with Squiffy and Google Street View some time ago. Here is a tutorial by him:
I think its possible to use this in Quest, too. Maybe mrangel would like to try the whole thing under Quest? :-)

Hi Pertex,
Thank you for the pointer and suggestion. I looked at the tutorial - very interesting.

But I've got a reasonable basic framework doing this in Quest. Below is a link to my game in the sandbox at the moment there are just a couple of locations.

I have had to use a weird construct to be able to take answers to the questions. I create an object that's a sign saying "Click me to answer the question". The user click it, and then has to click "Speak to me", and FINALLY type the answer in the command box. It's soooooo clumsy!

Another friend on here suggested creating an answer command, but I can't figure out how to make that work. I can create a command, and I capture the variable string. But if the string is correct how do I move to the next location? Maybe I could use a Change Script if I could male that work, but I can't seem to get it working.

If any of you would like to test the game and suggest a way I can make the answer entry more simple that would be great. Here is the link to the game.

To save you time the answers to the questions are:

At Robin Hood's statue there are four stone pictures - enter "four"

In the Old Market Square the two words are "merchandise crafts"

And at the Bell Inn the disease is named after "Hansen"

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