Using queryjs, quest and phonegap to build apk but there is no audio


Hello all. I am building an apk using queryjs, quest and phonegap. However, there is no sound displayed in my index.html or my apk. Do I need to import a special script to play local sounds? The sounds did indeed get packed into phonegap but why can't i hear them? if you guys need the links to my sources to help me out, let me know. Please help. Thanks.


I don't know anything about phonegap but sounds won't trigger on mobile devices as standard.


In mobile the sound only can played for user event. I.e. a touch. When user touch any, play the sound.

If sound play automatically when the page load, don't work in mobile.

Mobile dont use a navigator, use a webview for integrated the program and that is one of its limitations.


Solved the problem shadowvz96?

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