Lost in Latest Library Labyrinth

Could someone post a link to the following?

Latest CombatLib and the correct tutorial including what libs are not needed anymore because they are now already added to the core.
Does a user need to include the shopLib now, or wearables.

The ShopLib, when added to a new game and the tutorial is followed will throw vague errors beyond my comprehension. Is it even needed now?
Where is the correct tutorial for the included shop set up?
SomeLibs have the tutorial links in the code and some do not.
Some don't even have a tutorial other are buried in a thread somewhere.
Someone might try to follow ShopLib tutorial to set up the shop that is already added in the core now and may need to be set up differently now.
All the versions of different libs have different setups and are labeled poorly.

Searching is getting very confusing for newbie/old/dementia riddled users. This can cause a lot of wasted time trying to get a game setup.

When lib's are added to the Quest core, the library should also be updated on their page with a notice added so folks...(me) know they are no longer needed and they aren't adding them manually.
I know I'm getting old but dang. If I get lost a newbie is really in trouble. There are so many versions of the same libraries and some are not labeled as a later version. They may just say CombatLib, not CombatLib 3(latest version) as an example.

I keep getting confused and use the wrong tutorials for the wrong libraries. They need to have a better page heading, (both Lib and Tutorial) telling you which library version they describe.
Depending on how you get to the page, you have no idea if it is the latest version or where the tutorial version located. You may have found it through a search and not a link that told it what it was for.
Some libraries have tutorial links included and some don't so when you search for the tutorial, you have no way of knowing if it is the correct one for the library version you have..

This has lead to a file full of broken games that are beyond my ability to fix. Errors galore and what not.
I would rather start over than trying to fix them.

If a user spends hours trying to get the right versions and right tutorials lined up they will give up and that is a shame. I know I have walked away from the computer and went to the tube to relax and tried again later to figure it all out. You may know what's what but others may need a little more heads up.

Hi, It used to be the case that before installing the 'CombatLib', you first had to have both 'ShopLib' and 'ClothingLib', in your game.
With the 'Quest 5.7' Update, 'ClothingLib', was added to the game as standard.
I am assuming therefore, that to get 'CombatLib' to work, you need to have the 'ShopLib' in your game first.

The page link below, is 'The Pixie's' Library page, and should have all the up-to-date libraries and tutorials.

The link below is 'Quests Documentation' page, with a section on 'Setting up a shop' in the 'How to...' section.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Doc, The wiki page shows the tutorial. This is where things can go wrong. If a person goes looking for the actual library they will be in for some confusion.

Searching for CombatLib3 (latest version) gives this page
which is is the anouncement of combatlib3.
Which gives https://github.com/ThePix/quest/wiki/CombatLib
which is the tutorial with no downloadable link for the library.

I agree that the libraries are sometimes hard to find, many of them can only be found in the forum (if you find them). There they are distributed in different gits. I would like it better if there was only one git where all libraries would be collected.

I am thinking about a page in the docs or a section in the index page that links to libraries. I think it is better to keep them on the owner's git, as he or she keeps control.

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