Automatic Scroll Down

Heya all,

Sometimes I print large pieces of text as a message, because it's smoother than breaking it into lots of Clear Screen and Press Any Key To Continue segments. Yet sometimes this has the annoying effect of printing the text, then scrolling all the way to the bottom, forcing the reader to have to scroll all the way up again. Is there any way around this?

I have no code advice. Making the font a bit smaller(display tab on game) on the game will make a big difference. (If you haven't tried that yet.) You can make the page wider too, (on the game interface tab at the bottom).

That's all I know.

You could use Timers:

(optionally: you can also add in the 'ClearScreen' where/when you want it, for example, you could have it clear screen for each new paragraph)

(And, you'd need to get the amount of time for reading the paragraphs just right for everyone to be able to read the paragraph and not longer by much, so they aren't waiting on it for the next paragraph)

<game name="example_game">
  <attr name="example_timer_state_integer_attribute" type="int">0</attr>
  <attr name="start" type="script">
    EnableTimer (example_timer)

<timer name="example_timer">
  <attr name="enabled" type="boolean">false</attr>
  <attr name="interval" type="int">30</attr>
  <attr name="script" type="script">
    if (game.example_timer_state_integer_attribute > 5) {
      game.example_timer_state_integer_attribute = 0
      DisableTimer (example_timer)
    } else {
      if (game.example_timer_state_integer_attribute = 0) {
        msg ("paragraph 0")
      } else if (game.example_timer_state_integer_attribute = 1) {
        msg ("paragraph 1")
      } else if (game.example_timer_state_integer_attribute = 2) {
        msg ("paragraph 2")
      } else if (game.example_timer_state_integer_attribute = 3) {
        msg ("paragraph 3")
      } else if (game.example_timer_state_integer_attribute = 4) {
        msg ("paragraph 4")
      } else if (game.example_timer_state_integer_attribute = 5) {
        msg ("paragraph 5")
      game.example_timer_state_integer_attribute = game.example_timer_state_integer_attribute + 1

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