Easy Text Processor Question ^_^ [S-S-Solved]

Can the text processor handle...

{if player.strength >=0 and player.strength <=10}

Just curious!


{if player.strength>=0:{if player.strength<=10:Hello}}

Thanks Pertex!

oh wow, you can use the text processor commands for additional conditions (instead of a series of limited 'if' text processor comamnds), via nesting them. Thanks Pertex! This helps out greatly, as you're limited in design/logic if you only (thought you) could use a series of 'ifs'... lol

getting the syntax right with nesting can still be tricky though (or especially with embedding it as a hyperlink... as Pixie, with jay's help, did in Pixie's 'levellib' or whatever other/new libraries Pixie done, like in maybe his combat 2.0 library )

logically Pertex' example reads like this (I think):

{if player.strength>=0:{if player.strength<=10:Hello}}

the colons acts as 'then'

{if player.strength >= 0, then... {if player.strength <= 10, then... hello}}

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