Where is my story ?

Hello all, and first, happy new year.

I wrote the beginning of a story a few weeks ago, and let it down, without publishing it, but leaving it on the server of textadventures. It was playable online, with the browser.
I'm coming again today, and I'm unable to find my story. Are the stories deleted within a time of non-activity ?

Thank you!

I assume you created this online?

I also assume you mean you were testing the game you were editing online in your online browser?

Last assumption (this post):

Did you save that as a favorite, and now it does nothing?

If the answer to any (or none) of these is "YES":

Have you clicked on "Create"?

You should be able to edit or play any games you've created online from there.


What do you mean by "let it down"?


Dumb me. I found it; sorry for the inconvenience.

I don't see any dumb people anywhere.

Nor do I recall any inconvenience.

This site is BIG, and we all need a little help sometimes.

I'm always glad to help out!

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