Delay in response possible?


Sorry for asking so much questions. I really try to look it up first.

Is it possible to build in a response time so that it looks like you are communicating with someone on a computer and you have to wait for that other person to finish the reply?

I think probably the only way is to use the 'Timer' Element, or if you want to do it by actions (clicking on stuff), then you can use the 'Turnscript' Element, but I don't think this is what you want.

<timer name="NAME_OF_YOUR_TIMER">
  // <attr name="enabled" type=boolean">true</attr> /> // true: if you want the Timer to start as enabled, otherwise (false: if you want to control enable/not-enabled) then don't have this Boolean Attribute set to true
  <attr name="interval" type="int">0</attr> // you can have whatever Value (change the zero), as your seconds interval (for example 5: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, ... seconds)
  <attr name="script" type="script">
    // your scripting/action(s)
    // if you only want an action to occur once, then you'll need to set your interval value directly to that desired interval, and then disable the timer after your action(s), see below:
    // DisableTimer (NAME_OF_YOUR_TIMER)

Thank you I will look into it and see if it works out for me.

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