"Get input" removing [+]

Pretty simple question... Probably more difficult of a solution. I want to completely remove the "+" button to the right of the text box. I'm making it in gamebook mode if that helps at all. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks.

I assume you're using the web player on mobile? Otherwise there shouldn't be a "+" button there.

Glancing at the code, it should be easy enough to do with javascript. First guess:


or if that doesn't work:


Not sure, but that might leave a space to the right of the input bar where the "+" used to be. If you want to tidy up that, you could do something like:




If these ideas work, their effects will last until the game is restarted or reloaded. If you want it to work neatly with saved games, you'd want to include the JS every time you want to get input; or on the game-wide script that runs every page. It would be best to put it in the UI Initialisation script, but I'm not sure if that's accessible in gamebook mode.

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