Can't take objects?

I made a filing cabinet and there's some files in the filing cabinet but I can't take them. It just says "I can't see that". So let's say the Emmerson file, I have it created but it won't let me take it.

However, when I type in to take the filing cabinet, it says "No" just as I intended it to.


Try checking their Inventory tab, with the can/can't be taken. For your cabinet also check to see everything's okay in the Container tab.

I have it marked as can be taken. How should the Container tab be set up? I thought I had done it right but I am also new at this.

Your container has to be open before you can see/take its contents, unless your container is set as "transparent", in which case you can see the contents but not take them until the container is open.


That didn't solve the issue. I've also tried to "read" the file, and it says that it can't see that.

I figured it out ^^" thanks anyhow


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