Compiling Quest code to turn into Android app

Hi to all Quest fans,

I just finished a short demo of my game and I would like to turn it into an Android app to show to my friends and get some feedback. I'm completely noobie at programming and I tried to figure out how to do it by reading online, without success.
So far I tried to use the alpha version of QuestJS to convert the published quest file into html and Javascript

but I get pop up message when I try to run the exe file telling me that I can't run in my computer. I have Windows 10, perhaps QuestJS does not work with such system.

I'm quite lost now. Does anybody have converted a game into an app in the recent times? I would appreciate any help.

Thanks and happy gaming!

Do you really need it to be a stand-alone game?
The easiest way to play games is on the website; you can just give your friends a link to the game.

I can't offer advice on getting QuestJS to run; I've suggested some fixes for the javascript problems with it, but I can't run it myself as I don't have a Windows PC.

Well, I don't really need it to be a stand alone game, but I thought this way it would reach more people... maybe this way I could put it on the Google Play Store or something. Or maybe I'm just naive because I've heard it is not that easy to put games there.

I have also uploaded to this website. One thing does not exclude the other :)

That QuestJS simply doesn't work worth a crap.

Alex Warren created Quest long ago. (He is no longer involved at all.) After a few versions of Quest, he decided to try to make it all Javascript. There were two projects: QuestJS and QuestKit. Neither were ever fully functional.

QuestJS was supposed to convert existing Quest games to website files -- which I believe "sort of" worked with games made by whatever the current version of Quest was at the time, but it looks like Alex actually had a direct hand in converting any Quest games which were successfully converted to stand-alone websites or mobile apps.

I actually tried to make QuestJS functional. Mrangel helped out quite a bit, too. We had it "almost" working, but there were numerous issues if a game wasn't extremely basic. Then, Quest was updated during that time and the changes broke mostly everything we'd had working in QuestJS.

There was also a project called QuestKit (which would have been an authoring system), but it was never completely functional either.

So, what now?

Well, The Pixie is one bad [EXPLETIVE DELETED] (in the good sense) and has created Quest 6. It will be rolling out soon, I think. It is exactly what you seek. Well, it won't convert Quest games (at the moment, although I believe the editor will have that capability), but everything is JS, CSS, and HTML. So, Quest 6 games will be website files (which should be easy to package as apps). (NOTE: If you don't code in Javascript, don't get too excited, as the GUI editor is not quite ready yet.)

NOTE: The repo is called "QuestJS", but it is a completely different than the QuestJS in the textadventures GitHub repo.

NOTE 2: The editor will partly translate existing Quest game files at the moment, but there are quite a few issues. The exits aren't converted at all, and that's the main issue I noticed. (There are people working on this as I type this.)

NOTE 3: Perhaps that old QuestJS repo on the textadventures side should be archived. This would be to (A) avoid confusion and (B) save people from wasting their time messing with it.


We are currently using this forum for Quest 6 related stuff.

Cool, thanks K.V., happy to hear that. Being able to code Quest 6 games in JS, CSS, and HTML will give more visibility to the games they will reach more people. That's a very good thing.

So, from now I think I'll just will put my game in the website and stop trying to use Quest JS.

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