How versatile is Quest?

Like what is the extent that you can make a game? Can you add music? Visuals? Even animations?
I know this is literally an engine for text-based games, and I might not even incorporate any or all of these, but I think it's good to know


yes, to all, it is very versatile. Quest can use JS and CSS, for graphics/formatting, along with HTML (in fact its 'asl' language is quite similar to html/xml), and all of the text/rpg programming it's capable of, as well. You can even create your own unique engine for quest as well.

How versatile is Quest?


Like what is the extent that you can make a game?

How creative are you?

What is the extent of your coding ablitlity?

Can you add music?



If you mean images and embedded video, yep.

Even animations?

GIFs seem to work fine.

CSS animations usually work.

I haven't tested out very many animations, honestly. (I haven't learned very much about it yet.)

I've made the elements move around or spin.

The only road-block I ever hit:
I couldn't get a credits roll to work inside a game, and that was more than likely due to my code, not Quest.

Thanks for the responses. These answered my question

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