Deleting uploaded images from online Quest

I have many uploaded images that will not be used in my game. Because I only use the online editor I have no game library to remove them from. I don't know if these extra images will cause lag, as I've heard that having too many pic files greatly affects loading times. I'd also like to get rid of them to ease confusion, I have many uploaded which have the same name because they were tweaked and resaved, then re-uploaded. Lemme know, thanks!

I am not aware of any way to delete them. They should not slow your game down, but there is a maximum size limit you might hit. If you upload an image with the same name I would expect the old one to get over-written.

Unfortunately it doesn't. When You upload something new with the same name, it adds a time stamp to it, but also keeps the old one. It's annoying. I guess my best option is to create a new game and paste everything over with the finalized images. Thanks for responding!

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