Status Attribute Values?

How do I set the status attribute value to a certain number, and then make an object in-game display that number?

here's a step by step guide on using the 'statusattributes' (ignore the very top part of my post, as I was responding to another user, my step by step guide starts just below it: 'conceptually about' section):

ask if you need help with anything

object in-game display that number (justhereforvore)

the 'statusattributes' is for DISPLAYING the Attributes Value on/in the pane on the right side

so, you need to create the actual Attribute (as Attribute's hold/store Values, just like VARIABLES in algebra/math, except in programming, we're NOT limited to amount values: integers and doubles/floats/floating-points/decimals/fractions, only, like we are in algebra/math. In programming, we can also use non-amount Data Types: Strings, Booleans, Object references/pointers, Lists, Dictionaries, and Scripts, in addition to the amount Data Types: Integers and Doubles):

in the GUI/Editor: 'WHATEVER' Object -> 'Attributes' Tab -> Attributes (box at the bottom) -> Add -> (see below)

an example:

'player' Object -> 'Attributes' Tab -> Attributes (box at the bottom) -> Add -> (see below)

(Object Name: player)
Attribute Name: strength
Attribute Type: int // (int = Integer)
Attribute Value: 100

or as scripting:

In the GUI/Editor: add new script -> 'variables' section/category -> 'set a variable or attribute' Script -> (see below)

set variable player.strength = [EXPRESSION] 100

then to display this Attribute on your own (not using the 'statusattributes'), you just use a 'print a message' Script, where-ever/when-ever you want to display the Attribute's Value:

in the GUI/Editor: add new script -> 'output' section/category -> 'print a message' Script -> (see below)

print [EXPRESSION] player.strength
// output/display:
// 100


print [EXPRESSION] "player strength: " + player.strength
// output/display:
// player strength: 100


print [EXPRESSION] player.strength + " player strength"
// output/display:
// 100 player strength


print [EXPRESSION] "Strength: " + player.strength
// output/display:
// Strength: 100


print [EXPRESSION] player.strength + " strength"
// output/display:
// 100 strength


print [EXPRESSION] "STR: " + player.strength
// output/display:
// STR: 100


print [EXPRESSION] player.strength + " STR"
// output/display:
// 100 STR


here's some links if you want to get into learning quest and its programming:

Thank you so much hegemonkhan!

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