Help understanding Attributes/Commands

I'm new to text adventures, and I'm hoping to learn coding (waaay down the line after I get the full grips on this) and I'm having trouble understanding how attributes and commands work. I've read the help sections, and even a few other forums covering this topic, but I'm still having trouble. can anybody help me? for example, I'm trying to include multiple endings in my game, and I was hoping there was a way to include a counter. nothing too ambitious, I just want a few different endings, like "walked off a cliff ending. you have found 2/5 endings" or something like thank. thanks!

see if these links/guides helps with getting you started on learning the basics of quest, and its programming/coding/scripting, and of programming in general:

if you did want to learn to use the 'Command' Element specifically, here's a link/guide on it:

ask if you need help with anything and/or have any questions

if you want to start learning some basic programming/scripting in general, there's this free site (you do have to register an account though, but its got some nice features, "rewards/trophies/accomplishments", to motivate you and etc):

(hopefully it's still free... hadn't used it in awhile... lol)

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