Can I make a room visible while inside of it?

Because there is a specific room that I want people to be able to interact with (as an object) while inside said object/room. The room is both an object and a room, but once the player enters the room, the room object becomes invisible and even after I tell a script to make it visible, it does not get listed inside the object list while inside the room object.

Yes, I COULD make a new object inside the room and call it the same alias as the room, but that would be inefficient and can cause increased load times due to it being an extra object.

Okay, lets say you have a room, and in that room, you have a large blue box with the words 'Police' across the top and a flashing light. When you enter the 'Police Box' it becomes a separate room, you can go 'out' back into the main parent room, or explore more of the 'Police Box'. Because it is a separate room, it wont get listed on the parent room, when you're inside it. You can make the box visible or invisible when viewed from the parent room, but once you're inside it, just telling the player it's invisible should be enough.

I guess it cannot be done then, because I need the object to be interacted with. I'll have to create a new object then /shrug.

the 'places and objects' (or whatever it's called) pane, is a list of all the Objects contained within the parent Object, excluding you (the currently controlled Player Object, such as the default 'player' Player Object) and also excluding (I think): 'scenery' Objects and 'non-visible' Objects.

you might be able to scripting/code-wise have the containing room also be listed in that pane, but this could cause problems.

So, it's not a good idea... and why it behaves in this way.

instead, you should/can just have scripting to interact with the parent/containing Object, as you wish to interact with it

if you're new to coding/scripting, then if you can describe as detailed'ly as you can, what you want done and how you want it done, then we'll be able to help much better. Though, we'll still help you until it gets done, but it'll take us longer and be more difficult with the less details you provide us with on what and how you want happening.

Try this: Go to the Features tab of the game object, and tick "Show advanced scripts for the game object". Then go to the Advanced scripts tab. For the third script, "Backdrop scope script", paste in this script (for a room called "box"):

if (game.pov.parent = box) {
  list add (items, box)

Thank you so much, The Pixie. That works perfectly.

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