Changing built-in verb from with to on

Little issue that I'm pretty sure I have asked before but cannot find it...

I have a rope that needs to be tied twice. Once to me and once to a boulder. I would prefer to use verbs here instead of a command.

So... I added the verb 'tie' to the rope. The problem is that ONLY "tie rope with boulder" works. Obviously this makes no sense as it should be "tie rope to boulder". I know this is an alteration I need to make in one of the library elements but I could not find it.

I may need to use a command here I feel...

Thanks in advance.

tie boulder with rope

the syntax is backwards in quest sometimes.

Personally, I kinda prefer leaving some words out: tie rope boulder. It solves all the "that makes no sense" issues.

you could always get rid of "tie" and use "use" instead - use rope with boulder... which would generate a message "You tie the rope around the boulder"

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