Help, conversation library stopped working

So I started using the Conversation Library someone suggested.
The first time, I tried it, it worked, then I saved and came back later and now it doesn't, I have followed the directions several more times and nothing changes.
When I start the game only the character I programmed to have the conversation is there, when I select talk to, instead of having the conversation selected as the starting one, there is no options. I can't figure this out.
Help please


If you've got some code for us, we'll do our best to help.

Well I have done no real code yet, I just installed the library in that link I gave and then did some set up in the interface given in the first section of instructions it gives in the getting started part, and it worked at first then I reloaded my file and it wans't working any more

Can you post your file?

It's like the crime scene, and the evidence lies within it.

Of course but where should I host the file?

How to post code:

The short version:

The still pretty short, but more detailed version:

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