Custom Attributes & Assorted Things...

So I'm running the online version of Quest, and I'm aware that you can't use custom attributes and other assorted things without downloading the Windows version... and I'm on a Mac. Is there going to be a desktop Quest version for Mac anytime soon? Or will the online version be updated to match the desktop version?

I just can't really do what I wanted to do anymore.

Most of the things you can do on the desktop version are possible on the online version; just harder. Like custom attributes; rather than entering them in the editor's "Attributes" tab, you have to create a script that sets them.

I'm in a similar situation on linux. But I figured that working around the limitations is less stressful than trying to get it to run locally.

I've been trying to get Quest to run under Linux for about 3 days now, but to no avail.

If you give us an example of an attribute you'd like to set up, we can show you how to do it online.

It's not too bad.

I've been writing all of my recent code without setting any attributes in the editor (I set them all with scripts, just as you would online), just so the online people could use it all too.

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