How do I edit the default messages the game puts out?

Hey all, please point me to another thread if this question's already been asked. That said, I've been making rooms and renaming them. The game loves to put articles in front of all names ("a," "an,") and it makes the text awkward and clunky. No one says "You've entered a White House." You'd say "You've entered the White House." Similarly, if I put books on a bookshelf, I can edit the default message but the articles still appear. "On the bookshelf are several books, two of which are an Anna Karenina and a War and Peace."

How do I fix this?

There is an attribute for an item called "prefix". If you uncheck "use default prefix", then this attribute will be used instead of "a" or "an". So you can set it to "the" for the White House, or "" (a blank string) for the books.


It can definitely be annoying, but I found that taking a bit of time to go through the tutorial helped with some of the simple-seeming questions like this that I struggled to find in the documentation. Might be worth it to learn those kinds of little things! I just went through the whole thing, tedious as some of it might have seemed. It's here:

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