An intentional time limit in the game

Hi all,
I posted a game I made in Quest to UKtextadventures and apparently it keeps timing out for players. Everyone is acting like I put an intentional time limit in the game, so I assume that they must be a way to set it so that there isn't a time limit? I haven't been able to find anything in the Quest interface about setting (or removing) time limits, so does anyone know how to remove that? Thanks!

It's almost certainly the servers being rubbish as usual and not anything inside the code.

Everyone is acting like I put an intentional time limit in the game

What are they saying? When a game "times out" due to buggy code or server load, that's completely different from any kind of time limit.

Can you give an example of the errors the game is giving? Or link to the game so we can take a look at it?

The servers have been having problems for years now. To prevent time outs, keep the wenpage active, keep your focis on it, and do not go and watch YouTube. (I've gotten it to work woth YouTube but I don't recommend it.)

They have an option to download the game and Quest to play the game itself, but otherwise yeah playing on the website is just the website timing out.

At least the Quest program is free.

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