How to make links directly in the text?

I just started using Quest so I don't completely understand it yet. Is there a way I can make links to objects and exits directly in the description instead of as a separate list?
For example, the game I'm making starts off in a room with a table and one exit. I made the description for the room "You can see a table in the corner, and a door on the opposite wall" but when I play the game, it says
"There is a table(link)
There is an exit to the north(link)
[description I wrote](with no links)
How can I eliminate that first part and just put the links in the description?

In the desktop version, on the "display" tab, at the very bottom there is an option that says "hyperlink". Uncheck it to prevent the game from automatically give hyperlinks to objects when they are being listed.

As for the description, when you're editing the room description, you can make them link the objects by formatting them like this. {object:object}

For example, if you want to link a remote, in the description put it like this:


I hope this was helpful.

You can remove the lists of objects and/or exits on the 'Room Descriptions' tab of the game object. It lists 4 parts of the description (Room name, Objects list, Exits list, Description), each with a number next to it. If you set the number to 0, that item won't be displayed.

Alternatively, if you set the 'Scenery' checkbox for an object, it won't appear in that list. This means that you can hide objects that are mentioned in the room description, but the "You can see:" list will still appear to show any objects that the player has moved into that room.

There is also an option for "In-room descriptions", which you can use to give a description like "There is a battered hatstand in the corner of the room." - these descriptions will be added onto the end of the room description, and will move from one room to another if the player moves the object. However, I think this won't remove them from the default list of objects, so you will still need to turn the Objects list off or mark them as scenery.
If you use the scenery flag in this way on objects the player can move, you would need to reset it because an object's scenery flag is unset when the player picks it up. So you'd want to give the object an 'After dropping the object:' script on the 'Inventory' tab, including the code: this.scenery = true.

As far as exits go, these are less likely to be moved, so you can probably just turn off the exits list and include them all in the room description. You will need to give each exit a unique name if you want to include links to them. The default is to name them things like exit112 or similar in the order they are created.
In the room description, you can include the text processor commands {object:key} or {exit:exit129} to include links. Note that for these you need to use the object's name (how Quest refers to it), rather than its alias (how the player refers to it). So {exit:north} will not work.

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