Looking at GitHub, only want code for reference, what should I download

As I have mentioned, I only have access to a chromebook, so I would like to be able to view how the engine calls different functions in the game,

such as, what is called when a player opens an object so that I can use that in the scripting functionality of the game.

And other such investigations. I don't think I need the entire library, so what files should I investigate since I only have access to the Web version of the development environment?

In the docs folder on GitHub, all links to other topics return a 404 page


This is what all of the links built as, may want to have someone fix the links, should be pretty easy.

I can do some of it as I dig through all the functions and learn how the system works.

You probably want to look through the core itself, found in /WorldModel/WorldModel/Core/

You can't browse the docs easily on github; look on this website instead.

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