Hosting quest games on your own website


Is it possible to host quest games on your own site without using iFrames?

There's mention of doing this by converting the quest file to javascript and including that in a page. That's doable. Are there any instructions or pointers for doing this?

Any other ways of doing this? I'm a dab hand at PHP and I have time to tinker.

The "Releasing your game" section of the docs - the publishing link doesn't work by the way - implies that it is something that can be done with a bit of effort.


There is (or was) a plan to produce a new version of Quest in JavaScript that would let you do that. Currently the only way to have your own web player on your server, which would probably cost money, and would require considerable technical know-how (as in, if you do it, please post how so others can too).


What kind of cost I wonder? I'm guessing that there isn't a web player purchase option, it's more a case of someone at TextAdventures looking at the issue.

Would be good though. Quest is easily the quickest IF tool to get creating with, but the fact that you are limited in what you can do with the end result is frustrating.

The cost is for the server that will host it. The web player is free, and can be downloaded from Github. If you are serious about this, a starting point would be getting it running on your own PC. I have got that to work, and describe how I did it here:

The code is tweaked for Azure; it may need altering for different servers. If will be easiest for one that is Windows-based.

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