Change order in which info is displayed upon entering rooms?

Hi guys,

I wanted to know if there is any way to change the order that descriptions, directions, ect. appear in the game. For example, when my character climbs up a ladder, the text reads:

You are at the top of a ladder.
You can see a minute hand.
You can go down.
The tops of the bookcases are layered with dust. It's a bit drafty up here.

That sounds jumbled to me. I would like the description of the room to come first, then the objects in the room, then the direction the character is able to go. Is there a way to change the order this information appears to the player?


see here at the very bottom of the page of this link, about the 'Room Descriptions' Tab of the special 'game' Game Settings Object:

'game' Object -> 'Room Descriptions' Tab -> (see the bottom I think, the controls/options that you want are the 'automatically generate room descriptions, the '1-4' numbers of the 4 various displayment info is their ordering, change the numbers to how you want them to be ordered, and changing it to a '0' means it doesn't get displayed)

the special 'game' Game Settings Object (see above), has a lot of the controls/options for game-wide effects, just look at its various Tabs and options/controls within/of/for its Tabs

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! :)

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