Publishing and Sharing

I'm making a gamebook type quest and I have two pressing questions on my mind.

I'm nowhere near finishing, because I just started, but I want to be able to share the quest with a few close friends so they can see the progress I make... Would just giving them the link that generates when I hit play be sufficient? Would publishing be final, or would I be able to return and make edits to that as well?

Perhaps there are other methods of sharing quests?

If you use the desk-top version, and they have Quest installed...
just email them your .aslx file.
When you publish your game, Quests add all sorts of more code so that there is not any conflicts with different Quest versions.
But you still have your aslx copy to work with...

If you are working on line (not sure why someone would) It should be the same.

If you are working on line (not sure why someone would)...

You ain't just whistlin' Dixie!

I've been collaborating with a good friend (who is a Mac user) using the web editor, and I just THOUGHT I was foul-mouthed before!!!

That [expletive deleted] online editor can [expletive deleted] a [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted]'s [expletive deleted]!!!

If you use Quest frequently and haven't used the Windows desktop version of Quest, try it out on a Windows machine. I implore you. It's worth spending $200 on a P.O.S. laptop (if you can spare the $200, of course).

But, if you are using the online editor:

You can use the link that's generated when you click 'PLAY'.

Here's a link to an unlisted/unpublished game I created using the web editor:

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