Future-Proofing my game

Hey all, I've received some fantastic advice over the past couple of weeks, so thank you all! Some things such as libraries, defining functions and more complex scripting still elude me, but there's a lot that I can do with only what I currently have.

My question is that now that I have a grasp on the fundamentals, is there anything outside the tutorials that I should research in order to keep my game flexible enough to be modified in the future?

For example, I only just learned that it's common practice not to hard-code dialogue into a game. I'm not sure what you would do otherwise - use a library somehow? - but now that I know that I can research it and figure out how to implement it.

Are there any other examples of things that will help to keep my game flexible that you guys can think of?

I think the best advice is not to worry about it unless you have a specific idea about later modifications.

When you say "it's common practice not to hard-code dialogue into a game" I am guessing that is about computer games in general, not text adventures? This is to make it easier to port it to another language. It most games, the text is a tiny fraction of the code and so that is relatively easy to do. In Quest, the text pretty much is the game (or to look at it another way, what you create is the dialogue, and is kept separate from the Quest code).

Aah got it.

Essentially I'm picking up Quest so I can learn a little more about how games in general function, because it's something I'd like to do professionally. I guess I won't really know what I need to accommodate for until I've gotten there, but that's kind of the whole reason I'm here.

Thanks Pixie!

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