"help" command

I would like to make a customized "help" command for my game, however, it seems like there is a default "help" message and I can't find where to edit it.

(note: I use the desktop version of Quest.)

At the very bottom left corner of the GUI, you'll see a button that says "Filter". Click it and show library elements.

At the top in the search box, type in "DefaultHelp".

Click on "Copy" in the top right. This allows you to change the this default response to whatever you want.

When I first started, any time I wanted to change default settings I always made a back-up copy of stuff just in case I screwed something up. It could cause some trouble. This is straight forward enough, however, that I don't think you can really mess things up too bad.

Let us know if this works for you. Good luck.

I found that if you screw up a copied default game script, you can delete the copied script and it will revert to the original. Just sayin'

Good to know!

you can also just over-write/over-ride the 'help' Command, by creating/adding a Command and giving it the same name (help) as the Command you want to over-write/over-ride, it's (I think) functionally the same as going into the:

filter -> show library elements -> toggle/check it on -> Commands -> 'help' Command -> copying the built-in 'help' Command -> and adjusting its scripting as you want

Got it, thank you everyone!

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