Yes/No question and results

Im going to have an npc ask the player a simple yes or no question. With print messages as results. I intend to use the question function but I'm having trouble getting it to work...

Plz no code view, I keep messing it up somehow. Online quest if that affects anything

After the question, use "Get Input" then set a variable to the expression result. When you are saying the answer (the words yes/no) make sure to use expressions. For example;

Chose yes
Get Input
Set variable ___ to text result
print message expression "Good, you chose " + ___ + ". That means we'll be in good shape."

If this confuses you I can do nothing else to help, i'm new with this too and don't take me as good at all.

Usually the code looks like this.

You want to use Show Menu, not get input. If you use get input, anything you type can be put as the result, like "Peanut butter and jelly sandwich." Or you press a button, and that is saved in the variable, like pressing "south," and then it saves "south. "

I'm so glad the those surveys will help in programming...

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