Unable to Save 2

Hello to all

I keep an old post (http://textadventures.co.uk/forum/quest/topic/pm8sgohjieaj79npcf5tda/unable-to-save) sharing the same cause (whenever I try to save, it gives me the error:
Function not found: 'case'.) but my solution (I am Italian), because the previous function contained an error.

  <function name="Possessive" parameters="owner, object" type="string">
    switch (owner.gender + " " + object.article) {
      case ("tu lo") {
        return ("il tuo {object:"+object.name+"}")
      case ("tu la") {
        return ("la tua {object:"+object.name+"}")
      case ("tu li") {
          return ("i tuoi {object:"+object.name+"}")
      case ("tu le") {
        return ("le tue {object:"+object.name+"}")
      case ("lui lo") {
        return ("il loro {object:"+object.name+"}")
      case ("lui la") {
        return ("la loro {object:"+object.name+"}")
      case ("lui li") {
        return ("i loro {object:"+object.name+"}")
      case ("lui le") {
        return ("le loro {object:"+object.name+"}")
      case ("lei lo") {
        return ("il suo {object:"+object.name+"}")
      case ("lei la") {
        return ("la sua {object:"+object.name+"}")
      case ("lei li") {
        return ("i suoi {object:"+object.name+"}")
      case ("lei le") {
        return ("le sue {object:"+object.name+"}")
      default {
        return (GetDisplayName(owner) + " di {object:"+object.name+"}")

Bye bye

Thanks :)

(also, a mod should look at the linked thread, because there appears to be a spambot post at the end)

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