Two problems, Naming and Saving

1st do you make them pick a name from a list then save it in a variable to use as an expression later? Explanation if you don't understand.

Welcome! Pick a name.
-Marigold (Chosen by player)
Marigold ? What a beautiful name!

2nd problem, every time I zoom out the quest tab I try to open it again and its just crashed... I lost some progress that way.

Me: I finished it, but i'm having some problems. Let me open the forums...
Opens forums, types post, and opens quest
Tries to save
Me: Why is it playing that error sound?
Me: Sigh I guess I have to force close it

Note: I am using the downloaded quest!
I might switch this though

Problem 1

game.pov.PickedName = PickOneString (YourStringlist)
msg (game.pov.PickedName)

@Dcoder I thought they wanted the player to pick a name.

ShowMenu ("Welcome! Pick a name:", Split("Marigold;Sun;Oak"), false) {
  player.pickedname = result
  msg ("{player.pickedname}? What a beautiful name!")

  // NOTE: Code here will be run when the player picks an option
// Code here will be run as soon as the menu is displayed, so it can't use the name chosen

Ignore my post.

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