Map Label and Background colors changes after uploading

On the left side is the uploaded game running via the browser and on the right side is the exact same game running via Quest for Windows. The map looks very different after uploading the game and I have no clue why this happens...

The rooms get the attributes for the map label and background colors through their types... (The label color is contained in another type, though, it also has a completely different color when uploaded)

  <type name="type_area_rdm">
    <grid_parent_offset_auto />
    <attr name="grid_width" type="int">2</attr>
    <attr name="grid_length" type="int">2</attr>
    <attr name="grid_fill">Black</attr>
    <attr name="grid_borderwidth" type="int">1</attr>
    <attr name="grid_border">White</attr>

So, the background isn't black when uploaded
the label colors change, too.

How can I fix this?

  • Also, the Grid Panel background and border colors behave correct and do not change in this case (maybe helpful):
    JS.setCss ("#gridPanel", "background-color: #36454f;border: 1px solid white;")

In addition, I just figured the label and background colors are on each reload completely random.

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