moving a room to the top of a the tree?

As I build my room, I realize that I want the player to start in a different spot than the default, so I created a new room and placed the player there. The only problem(not a huge one) is that it's at the bottom of the room tree on left panel of the editor. Is there a way to move that folder up to the top? I tried dragging it, but it keeps replacing it at the bottom.

Maybe move the tree instead of the room or the player?

Are you trying to move it to the top of a list within the folder? So it has the most important items at the top and easy to find? The only way I found to do it is to move the objects out, then re-add them back in in the order you want them listed.

Create a dummy room, drag all of your real rooms into the dummy room, and then navigate to the "Objects" tab of the dummy room where you can reorder all of the real rooms inside of the dummy room.

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