Accessibility for quest on Windows and Linux web browser version


Is it possible that you can make the quest web browser interface more accessible to those using a screen reader? Specifically, I'm running screen reader software on my windows PC called NVDA, and also in an Ubuntu virtual machine running orca. On windows, when I press enter on “add new script”, I can only select from print, move, show, hide and if. It won't let me set a flag, nor will it let me change a variable, etc. this seems to be accessible on iOS, VoiceOver reads them as tabs and radio buttons. However, I find this method frustrating because I can't navigate quickly to certain webpage elements, E. G. Buttons, links, etc. Also, can you please put heading levels to access the website more quicker? As an example, heading level one could point to the very top of the document, where is the help, cut, copy, paste, play, etc. Buttons are located, heading level two could indicate the links that point to a certain room/object of the game, and level III could be The main panel where you can edit your game.

Thank you.

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Alex recently gave up maintaining Quest, and passed the mantle on to a a group of us here on the forum, including myself, and as yet, these sort of changes are beyond what I can do.

It sounds as though the NVDA software is part of the problem. I have had a quick read up on the subject, and it does seem as though tabs can be an issue here, but if VoiceOver is doing it successfully, it would seem to be set up right (and I certainly could not say why it works for VoiceOver and not NVDA).

With regards to how fast it takes to navigate, I am afraid this is just a product of the number of choices available. There are already shortcuts to the common ones (if, show, hide). The text processor might offer a quicker way to do a link; I am not sure how easy that would be to use either.

With regards to headings, that sounds doable. I think I would have an option to turn them on in the settings dialogue. As I said, I am still finding my feet here, so I cannot promise anything, but I will certainly have a look. If it turns out to be trivial, I will put it in Quest 5.7, which I hope to release in a couple of weeks, but more likely in Quest 5.8.

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