Can't access script Tab's things (don't know what to call it.)

Ok I'm on mobile.
I read something saying quest is for pc and mobile.
I was trying to make a script, but I clicked on a check circle but it didn't enter in.
The buttons on the top work though.

If these buttons need the enter key to be pressed which if a slightly recall they kind of do.
Is there a way to access the scripts on mobile/a way to use quest on mobile.

Note: if there isn't a mobile way of use for quest. Is there other things I could try to use, to make text adventures
sorry if this don't sound right


I'm using the Chrome browser on an Android phone (a Galaxy S5), and it all seemed to work for me.

Here's the game I just made:

Can you post a screenshot?

It works on my Kindle.
Are you using a cell phone?
Quest has a tendency to break. You can try again to see if it wasn't just a one time thing.

-- no I'm on a tablet.
And this tablet can't take snapshots.

its an android RCA7 VOYAGER3, nope I still can't get the scripting to do anything (I mean the window that appears when you press the addscript button)

Oh. Sorry to hear that.

@jmnevil54 I figured out how to take snapshot but there's no way to show it

If you've got a screenshot, you can upload to imgur or somewhere and paste a link here to show people. I believe this forum allows you to use markdown/reddit type image links that look like: ![Imgur]( if you want to show an image in a post here.

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