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Hi there!

I'm having some issues with my display set. Now where it says the name of the game, and the subtitle, etc i would all like to be moved to the left. I know how to change this in an HTML but not in Quest it'self. Basically I want to turn it into a landscape instead of Portrait mode and move the text all the way to the left.

Here's an example of a successful HTML code I want:

Not sure how to copy paste the HTML. but anyways, this is what the HTML is and this is the screen I would LIKE to have:

This is what I have that it won't let me change via in Quest:

Now it doesn't give you this option in the Display settings, but you should be able to script it in if i'm correct.

Any help would be appreciated!




Sorry... I just now noticed this post.

Are you using the desktop version of Quest?

You could do this by overriding the StartGame function, but I think that's likely to be be more effort than it's worth.

My solution would be to add the following to your start script:

JS.eval("$('title').css({textAlign: 'left'});")

The text will be displayed centred for an instant until the start script runs, and then moved to the left.

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