My Game’s Online Mode Doesn’t Work
This is a game I am working on, ever since the last update, the online version doesn’t work, nor does the downloaded version, the editing version works however. I’ve heard that other people were facing this problem, but I need this to work ASAP.

So, will there be a solution or should I just give up?


Have you tried uninstalling quest, and reinstalling an earlier version?

You mean you can't play your game (neither online nor offline), but you can still edit it (online? offline?)? I downloaded it and can play it without any problems (except that the map doesn't work properly), online it doesn't start for me either. Why don't you try deactivating the map?

I don’t even have quest installed though, using the online version.
Also yes, I can’t play the game online nor offline but I can still play it when I launch the editing mode.
Also also, I’ve been trying to get the map to work for a while, is there a solution to that, too?

It also seems that any other text Adventure I make doesn’t work at all?

Sorry I have been bumping a lot, is there any news on this? When I try opening the game online, it just displays “loading...” without actually loading, yet when I test it while editing, it works perfectly fine..


That is true! Thanks for informing me, would say another one of my games doesn’t work now, but now my main project is back on track! Thank you all, and thank you Quest team!

Apologies for once more bumping this, but it seems that all of my other projects (all except road to joy) don’t work and that isn’t too pleasant for my players

I have uploaded a new version of the desktop that might sort this. You will need to download Quest again, re-install, open your game in the editor, publish and upload again.

Once more, it seems that it was not fixed... and even the games that I haven’t even edited or opened in several monthes before the bug appeared are refusing to work... I’m not sure if any new game I make will work, but I’ll test it later.
ETA: just tried again, old games are working well enough now, but another project, Metal Warrior, still doesn’t work after many republishing and editing attempts.. it’s not too much of a deal though so thanks a lot for your patience and cooperation

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