My Game’s Online Mode Doesn’t Work
This is a game I am working on, ever since the last update, the online version doesn’t work, nor does the downloaded version, the editing version works however. I’ve heard that other people were facing this problem, but I need this to work ASAP.

So, will there be a solution or should I just give up?


Have you tried uninstalling quest, and reinstalling an earlier version?

You mean you can't play your game (neither online nor offline), but you can still edit it (online? offline?)? I downloaded it and can play it without any problems (except that the map doesn't work properly), online it doesn't start for me either. Why don't you try deactivating the map?

I don’t even have quest installed though, using the online version.
Also yes, I can’t play the game online nor offline but I can still play it when I launch the editing mode.
Also also, I’ve been trying to get the map to work for a while, is there a solution to that, too?

It also seems that any other text Adventure I make doesn’t work at all?

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