Blanks lines in the room description

I noticed that if a condition fails and the text if not printed in the room description then Quest leave a blank line. If there a way
around this?
I have a number of conditions in the room description and if all the conditions fail then I get a big gap (blank lines) between my room description text.
For example
{here:Box:There is a box on the floor}

It doesn't generate blank lines, it just displays the line breaks that are in your description.

If you want the newline to only be displayed if the condition is true, then put it inside the statement. Example:

{here:Box:There is a box on the floor
}{next statement here

Hi mrangel
I found that Quest has
commands for line breaks and if I move the
inside a condition then that solved the problem


{once.Text1<br/>} {once.Text2<br/>}

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