Can you monetize your stuff here via Patreon?

I haven't really gone into building much yet, and I'd probably make stuff anyway, but it'd be nice if there was the possibility of earning a bit of money.

I thought it is clearly communicated, but still somehow people miss it...

Anyway, Quest is licensed under the MIT license ( In other words, you're free to do with Quest as you whim. Just like you don't have to give credit to who made the canvas when painting a picture.

So you can raise money throught Patreon, or even sell your games just fine.

As far as making money off text adventures... I think that time has passed.
Great ones like Infocom had a great run when PC graphics were, at best, poor.
Today, graphic games are where it's at.
But, if I'm wrong, let me know.

I know of 2 Quest games (both adult/fetish content) that seem to be doing pretty well on Patreon; but I wouldn't expect it to be easy. To make money, you'll need to do something that other games aren't doing, regular updates (almost to the point of working full time on your game), or have an established community of fans willing to support you.

What are they?
As for the rest of what you said... You are SO right!.

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