USB re-route bug?

This might be a bug, or just user incompetence; however this is extremely annoying. I am attempting to re-route the saving function of the Quest Games from a random folder that will be created on my computers hard drive to a folder on my flash drive. It keeps making folders. When I try to re-route it I.E. my selecting a folder on my flash drive or typing in the location in the "Save as" tab, the "OK" button is grayed out, even if I fill in the name. Furthermore when I go to the option menu under the tools tab and re-route it to the flash drive, it still goes to a created folder on my c:\ drive. What the heck is going on?

Are you...
create new game
File name:C:\Users\XXXXX\Documents\Quest Games
and you want to change the path to:
File name: E:\Users\XXXXX\Documents\Quest Games
Did you try the Browse button and going to the drive that way???
OK... I bet it is a glitch...
When you browse to a different folder, Quest adds the file name to the path box, which screws up the save function and prevents the use of a file name after the path info...
Try just saving it where Quest wants to place it, move it to the flash drive, and reload it from there...
Quest will still recognize the flash drive as a "load from" location.
Extra steps I know, but it will work.
(I did make Quest save to my D:\ hard drive, but the flash drive was another issue...)
Try putting the file name in first, then browse to the flash drive...
OK, that works for me...
(Yes, I was testing this as I responding here...)

If you only use Quest while that USB device is connected (which is what I'm assuming), you may be able to:

  • uninstall Quest
  • install Quest to the USB device

I'm not sure if this will work. It's just a wild theory.

I shall test it, though.


I don't get to pick the directory Quest is installed to in Windows 7. It seems like Windows 10 let me choose, though... I'll test it when I get to that machine.


I'm 90% sure I've got Quest installed to an SD card on my Acer Switch.

It doesn't have much drive space so I use the SD card for almost everything, and it's Windows 10.

I'll check it out shortly and report back.

Did you get it to work, DL?

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