Is there a very basic tutorial or something for the Gamebook?
I just want to make a simple character creation menu.
I don't know how scripts work, how to attach pictures, why I get the message "Function not found: 'ShowMenu'", why I can't use .visited, etc.
Thanks for any answer.

Game Book is much more limited as it was designed for making CYOA games (non-heavy coding).

Unfortunately, there is no tutorial on the Game Book, as it's not used as much as a Text Adventure, at least for those who're doing more code-heavy games, rather than a pure/near-pure CYOA (zero or nearly zero coding) game.

Pixie created a hybrid Text Adventure library that looks like a Game Book, but retains the full functionality/capability that the Text Adventure has. You may want to look into using this.

I'm not familiar with Game Book that well, so I'm just assuming it doesn't have the 'show menu / ShowMenu' Function/capability. I think it should still have the 'visited' Boolean Attribute (NAME_OF_PAGE_OBJECT.visited = true/false) ... but maybe it doesn't.

You can still do most scripting, but with the Game Book, you can only do the scripting through scripting:

'WHATEVER' Page Object -> 'Page' Tab -> Page Type: [SCRIPT] or [SCRIPT+TEXT] -> (see below)

for example, the 'bread and butter' of Attributes and the 'if' Script usage:

Attribute usage:

this can both: (1) make/add/create/set Attributes and their initial Values, and/or (2) manipulate/change/alter/re-set an Attribute's Value

add new script -> 'variables' section/category -> 'set a variable or attribute' Script -> (see below)


HOWEVER, unlike the Text Adventure, the Game Book only has two Objects for your to use for your custom/own Attributes:

  1. the 'player' Player Object
  2. the 'game' Game Settings Object

so, some examples:

set variable player.alias = [EXPRESSION] "HK"
set variable player.strength = [EXPRESSION] 100
set variable player.weapon_damage = [EXPRESSION] 50
set variable player.damage = [EXPRESSION] player.weapon_damage + player.weapon_damage * player.strength / 100
set variable game.state = [EXPRESSION] 0
set variable game.greeting = [EXPRESSION] "Hi, welcome to my game, I hope you enjoy it!"
set variable player.flying = [EXPRESSION] false

you can still create the effect of other Objects, for examples:

set variable game.orc_strength = [EXPRESSION] 30
set variable game.orc_life = [EXPRESSION] 500
set variable game.orc_alias = [EXPRESSION] "orky"

you can use 'player' too (the computer/quest doen't care: it'll work fine), but it's logically jarring for humans to read/see it (in code):

set variable player.orc_strength = [EXPRESSION] 30
set variable player.orc_life = [EXPRESSION] 500
set variable player.orc_alias = [EXPRESSION] "orky"

I forgot to talk about the 'if' Scripting, see the bottom link to the other thread for seeing how to do the 'if' Script's scripting

see this link for a more detailed guide (it's for Text Adventure, but the scripting itself is the same as a Game Book, only the ways of accessing the scripting differs):

and you can take a look at this thread too (on the exact same question about Game Books, actually):

I like it

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