How to Link Multiple Answers to the Same Page (in gamebook)

So for my story, I have the player have 3 options. But I want all of the options to result in the same thing. When I click, link to a page, it tells me that the page already exists in the answers. Is it possible to Have three different links all to the same page, from the same page? If that's confusing here's what it would be.

Page 6: go along with the man.
page 6: follow the man reluctantly.
page 6: refuse to go unless he carries you.

So, all the choices end in the same result, that is, link to the same page. How do I do this?

Looks like the answer is no...
maybe add a few in-between pages...
Page 5a : "You follow the man" (goto page 6)
Page 5b: "You follow the reluctantly man." (goto page 6)
Page 5c: "I will go with you, but only if you carry me." (goto page 6)

Altho, you can do it with Text Adventure.

Can't you take them to three different pages then merge them back to the same page again after that if need be?
That makes more sense anyway (to me) as you can alter the text slightly to reflect the choices.

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