Play not working on desktop quest editor

I've been working on the online version of the quest editor before deciding to switch to the desktop version. I was able to play the game no problem on the online version, but on the desktop version, it doesn't work at all. None of the links work, no commands or input, the compass does nothing. It just loads the first page and ignores all input. I haven't changed anything between switching. Is this a known problem? How do I fix it?

Have you got the latest version of the desktop player?
Can you check the javascript console and see if there's any error messages there?
Do you have any complex javascript stuff in your game? (some newer JS might not work on the 6-year-old version of Chrome that's bundled with the desktop player)

I think I've seen a similar problem mentioned before, but can't remember what the solution was. Think it was something that turned out to be really simple, but I can't remember what it was.

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