I asked this question some time ago but have since made an error in copying it. I have lost the original thread
I have no knowledge of coding .
I wish to teleport the player to the location of an object called box. The box may be at any location in the game. He/she is not to be in the box, but beside it.
I moved the player(game.pov) to expression ObjectListItem(FilterByAttribute(ListParents(box),”isroom”,true),0)
This generates an error right at the end of the expression. I seem to have inadvertently mixed something up. Due to my lack of knowledge I am unable to know what to correct. Could some kind person put me right please.

Too many times, the simplest solution is too simple to see...
(or parrent)
This should move the player to the same room as the box.

If you are using a map, it gets more complicated:

Thanks a lot both of you. That worked. I am not bothering about using a map anyway Pixie Too complex.
I was told by the person who gave me that moving formula that the complications were to allow for someone putting the box in a container causing problems. But then that’s their problem isn’t it.
Thanks again.

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