Game hanging when playing online

Hi guys,

My game plays through absolutely fine when clicking Play from the desktop software. I've published it and put it online here:

I've had four different people try to play it through online, and it has hung and stopped responding at completely different points for all of them.

Do you have any idea why this might be?


I've had that problem multiple times. It's either the computers' fault, or they need to log in to play it. Much better that way.

It also usually works better if you download Quest and the game. However, there are exceptions.

Manowar is still working on the servers, so there seems to still be some issues with them, so online games are hanging. Alex moved on, and the new team took over recently, so Manowar (one of the new team members) is still working on getting the online stuff working smoothly.

Thanks for the replies guys. I've gone with getting people to download Quest.

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