I am trying to test out a prototype of a game I am creating, but it won't let me run the game. This is the message it shows when I try to run the game,
Failed to Load Game.
The following errors occurred:
Error: Error adding script attribute 'script' to element 'OutputTextRaw': Function not found:

If anyone could help, that would be great! :)

Hm. From just taking a quick look at what you wrote...

I think it might have something to do with your object attribute not being set to "script".

And if you have just


^ in a script like that, Quest is going to think it's a Function.

Hope that helps a little! We may need to see the code. If there's a bracket error or an error in a Function, Quest won't load a game.


Nope; it's not user error. This is an error in the released version of Quest 5.8

The function OutputTextRaw() (which is a built-in function, defined in the library CoreOutput.aslx) now calls RequestSpeak() to cause text to be spoken if text-to-speech is turned on.

But… RequestSpeak() is in the library CoreFunctions.aslx, which is not available to gamebooks.


I can suggest a solution, but it's kind of ugly.
Basically, you need to create a function named RequestSpeak, which takes a single parameter, s. The function body should be request (Speak, s).

I've not tested this, but that's what the missing function in the text-adventure version of the library is.

I apologize...I'm still a newb, I guess. Sigh.

Hope the issue gets worked out though!


Is this problem for the desktop version or is it all versions, even web?

All versions.
In the case of the online player, it will affect gamebooks published with Quest 5.8

Does my 'fix' seem to work?

I have been working with the online version and testing it and never had a problem. Now, as mentioned above, this problem has developed with my game. Why create this problem? Is a fix in the works? As for the possible fix mentioned above I just saw this and haven't tried it. Frankly I haven't created any functions yet so that is new to me.

I can't play my game recently. Online version. I've published it several times.


Just tested your "fix." It works like a charm. You've assisted me greatly, I thank you. Just one problem, possibly unrelated, when I try to make a Character Creation start:

msg ("Let's generate a character.")
player.alias = result
GetInput() {
msg ("Hi, " + player.alias)

When I try to play the game, an error occurs:

Error running script: Error compiling expression 'result': Unknown object or variable 'result'

I realized it was a String, so I put quotation marks around "result," and I was disappointed to see "Hi, result" ('result' being the player.alias). How do I fix this?

Thanks in advance,


@ the cat master:

you got the lines switched up...

you wrongly got:

msg ("Let's generate a character.")

player.alias = result

GetInput () {

  msg ("Hi, " + player.alias)


when it's suppose to be:

msg ("Let's generate a character.")

GetInput () {

  player.alias = result

  msg ("Hi, " + player.alias)


when it's suppose to be (same as the above, but it has my comment line, explaining how the 'get input / GetInput' works):

msg ("Let's generate a character.")

GetInput () {

  // automatically (hidden from you), quest for the 'get input / GetInput' (and also for some other Scripts/Functions too, like the 'show menu / ShowMenu' and 'ask / Ask' Scripts/Functions: result = "YOUR_MENU_SELECTED_INPUT") sets the 'result' String Variable VARIABLE:

  // result = "YOUR_TYPED_IN_INPUT"

  player.alias = result

  // essentially, you doing this:

  // A = B = C
  // A = C

  // player.alias = result = "YOUR_TYPED_IN_INPUT"
  // player.alias = "YOUR_TYPED_IN_INPUT"

  // player.alias <=== result <=== "YOUR_TYPED_IN_INPUT"
  // player.alias <=== "YOUR_TYPED_IN_INPUT"

  msg ("Hi, " + player.alias)


the 'get input / GetInput' is what stores your typed-in input into the 'result' Variable VARIABLE

by having the 'player.alias=result' before/above (and outside of) the 'get input / GetInput', you got the 'result' Variable VARIABLE with no Value stored in it... and since there's no Value stored int the 'result' Variable VARIABLE, you got nothing to store into the 'alias' String Attribute, and hence the ERROR (it occurs on the 'result' Variable VARIABLE not having a Value stored in it, which is before its operation to store that into the 'alias' String attribute) ...

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