Hiring Programmer for Quest (Save/Load Library)


I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still looking for someone to help update/fix the Save/Load Library. And am willing to pay $200-$300. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ^_^ Let me know if you are interested and we can talk ASAP.

Here are some ways you can contact me.
[email protected]

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Or you can PM me here -- or make a post on my Patreon Page.



I just wanted to say, "hello."

I tried to fix that quite a few times, and it still has issues. That's the main reason I shouldn't even consider taking money for trying to fix it.

Plus, I don't even have a Windows machine anymore*, so, even if I wanted to get seriously serious and spend some serious time on it, I no longer have a way to run Quest. (Plus, I rarely have the time to do anything on my computer anymore, with the exception of this weekend.)

* I actually just returned a Windows machine which I had over here to 'repair'. That is a moot point. I'm just throwing it out there because (a) it's true, and (b) if I were you, I'd wonder how a guy who claims he has no Windows machine with which he could run Quest just posted that code about fading in audio in another recent thread.

Anyway, I bet you'll find someone to fix it up soon.

Good luck!

Heya KV <3

I hope you've been well! You haven't chatted with me in a long time! I thought you were mad at me. @[email protected] It's such a shame you don't have a Windows machine anymore >.< ! I would gladly pay you to work on it since I'm super desperate at this point.

My idea for the Save/Load Library (actually it was kind of a mix of ideas between Mr.Angel and I; but I can't seem to get a hold of him) was that it would become check-point based. Instead of allowing the player to save anytime they wanted, it would just take all the current variables states at a checkpoint and save those instead and load the player from that check-point. I'm not sure if that would reduce the work load or not but it seemed like a great idea I wanted to run with.

What do you think? Any thoughts or opinions?

And I'm not sure. I've been looking for a programmer to fix it for like 6 months now and I've tried multiple forums. I wish I had the knowledge to do it myself but the coding for it is so intricate/complex. I'm a much better coder than I was but I'm not anywhere near that level yet. Sigh.


If I recall, the main issue with Save/Load in your game was converting all the objects (and all of their clones) along with their attributes into a text string when saving, then trying to convert that text string back into objects and attributes when loading.

Your game is big. There are probably thousands of objects, cloned objects, and attributes . . .

I'm pretty sure Pixie wasn't planning on a game that size when he wrote that SaveLoad library.

Conversely, I'm also pretty sure Alex Warren wasn't planning on a game that size when created Quest -- as it cannot handle saving or loading your game the default way, either.

I would seriously consider breaking your game up into three or four different games. You could use some sort of password system, like the old NES games. At the end of each volume of your game, the user would be given a nonsensical (and probably long) password. Each character in the password would correspond to a different object and/or attribute. When the player begins to play the next volume of the game, they would be asked for the password when play begins. The password would sort of work like the Save/Load system works, but you could pick and choose exactly which important things were carried from one volume of your game to the next.

This way, each game would be small enough that Quest's default saving and loading systems could handle it.

Also, heck no; I wasn't mad at you!

I just spent FAR too much time online, and I removed my Richard Headkid Gmail account from all of my devices.

I don't know if the check-point thing would be a good fix or not . . .

It seems like you'd still have the same problem: converting Quest objects and attributes to a plain text string during a save, then converting them all back again during a load.

I don't know . . .

I really think you've just got too much game for Quest to handle, ma'am. (Whoo! I'm such a smooth talker!!! (I know all the best words!))

I have no ability to code beyond making a basic game so probably not a good suggestion but figured I'd ask anyway. Would somehow using the walkthrough style system to record user inputs up to a point be a possibility? Or would this cause issues with space/file creation if saving at the end of a long play session in long format games?

How does saving actually work with Pixie's new prototype? Is it already solved there?

I played around with his new prototype a few months ago, and it already had the code for saving and loading.

I made a VERY basic game, tested it out, and the saving and loading worked.


I think Anonynn is using a modified version of Pixie's Save/Load Library because she is constantly updating her game, and she doesn't want her players to have to start all over again each time she releases an update.

I almost talked her into just using the default saving and loading stuff once, but I found out the game was too big for that. Quest just freezes up after three or four minutes of attempting to save. (At first, there were a few issues which threw errors when attempting to save. After ironing all of those wrinkles out, I ran into the freezing up problem. This applies to the desktop version. Trying to save on the web player broke the entire internet! (Not really. It just froze up, too.))

Anyway, her game starts off huge, then creates hundreds of clones once play begins (and we won't even discuss the crafting system). Quest simply freezes up when you try to save it all. Download her game, unpack it, and check it out, Pertex. It is insanely big.

Hey Pertex, I could always send you the unpublished version if you would like to check it out. Just PM me your email ^_^ I'm using an older version of Save/Load I think. I haven't noticed any updates in regards to it. I think it was originally made for my game and then Pixie modified it to fit other games but I'm not entirely sure what came first, the chicken or the egg :D

Oh! KV I've modified things quite a bit. And have been removing or condensing items and I've been moving things into separate library functions to keep pressure off the Quest Engine.

But yeah, I am willing to pay someone to help with it and I hope my game isn't too big. I did plan on breaking each Chapter up into separate libraries once a Chapter is fully complete. Would that help the Save/Load do you think?


Hi Anonynn,
I meant the new Quest version, not the library. Sorry, I am not the right person for your problem.

EDIT: I can go up to $400 right now for anyone who can do it ^_^


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