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I want to make my Quest game into an APK file. I am trying to use the Quest JS compiler to make it available for PhoneGap use. It seems to compile fine, but when I open it up in the webpage, it is completely blank. Is there perhaps another way of going about this?


This may or may not work, but you can try replacing the game.js file in the QuestJS directory with this:


After replacing the file, compile the game again and see what you end up with.

A few of us are adding functions to that file each time we find a fix.

The map will not display.
Object links will NOT work.
SetTimeout doesn't appear to work.
Other random things may not work.

You can also peruse the issues on GitHub for a little more info concerning what doesn't work:

Thank you for your response, but unfortunately, it still did not work. It is still blank and unresponsive to commands, except for a new inventory bar at the top of the screen. I will try doing some research on GitHub.

I have 3 or 4 games that do that, too.


I'm not very good at JS, but, each time someone posts a fix on GitHub, I add it to that file.

I know of a few functions the compiler won't handle correctly, but how long is the entire list? Sadly, I have no clue.

If your code savvy, you can open your browser's developer options and check out the JS errors...

I've only successfully fixed something once doing this, out of numerous attempts, but, again, I'm not very good with JS, and QuestJS hasn't been maintained for quite a while.

I end up making my games more 'simple' when I run into this.

I find a script with a newer function, remove or alter it, compile again, then see if it works.

(Usually the problem involves a map or clothing in my cases.)

Good luck!

Thanks, I appreciate the advice; I'll try it.

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