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I've been working on my interactive story that have choices. I don't know how to make like Telltale Games, such as Minecraft Story Mode, The Walking Dead, etc. I was wondering... how do I do a choice that requires something to unlock it? For example: When my character wanted to get out of his room, but need to wear his clothes first. After that, you have access to get out of the room. Please help!!

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you need an indicator/flag (an Attribute VARIABLE), and then you can use the 'if' Function/Script, and I'm not sure how you want your interactions/events/etc done, but one way is using the built-in Verbs/buttons, which Pixie explains how they're controlled (via the built-in 'displayverbs' and/or 'inventoryverbs' Stringlist Attributes), here:

for a quick pseudo example (using an Integer Attribute for an example, but you can use Boolean Attributes, String Attributes, List/Dictionary Attributes, or whatever other Attribute Type):

// initial setting: game.state = 0

// events/etc happen during game play that change the 'game.state' Integer Attribute, ie: game.state = 1, game.state = 2, etc

// whatever other event or whatever in your game that depends upon the indicator/flag:

if (game.state = 0) {
  list add (example_object.displayverbs, "princess")
} else if (game.state = 1) {
  list add (example_object.displayverbs, "dragon")
} else if (game.state = 2) {
  list add (example_object.displayverbs, "sword")
} else if (game.state = 3) {
  list add (example_object.displayverbs, "wizard")

that's the basic concept ... though you'll need to apply it for getting out of a room:

for pseudo example, have the Exit/Door as being locked (NAME_OF_EXIT_OR_DOOR.locked = true), and for its scripting:

if (ListContains (ScopeInventory (), "skeleton_key")) {
  // scripting to unlock/open/go-to-next-room
} else {
  msg ("The door/exit can only be opened/unlocked via the skeleton key")

there's guides/help with Exits/Doors/opening/closing/locking/unlocking... if you need help finding them, let me know... and I hopefully can find them for you, lol.

also, others can help you fully on this matter... I've not worked with this built-in stuff for awhile, so I'm very rusty with it... and thus my posts aren't of much direct help, as they're just the concepts involved.

Thanks for helping! I hope that I know how to do this...

here's some links, if you want to try to learn how to code with quest: (quest's coding and code structure) (scripting basics: Attributes and the 'if' Script usage, which enables 90% of everything you want to do for/within your game!)

more advanced scripting: (List and Dictionary Attribute usage: enables +5%, so 90% + 5% = 95%, of everything that you want to do for/within your game)

help/guides/libraries specifically on doors/exits/opening/closing/locking/unlocking: (navigate it: you hopefully should be able to find help on doors/exits/etc)

let me know if you still need help

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