Search for variable to remove page link?

So first off let me say I'm kind of a noob at this. But that's okay, I guess. What I have going on is, I have four page links in a game book I am making, and they all lead to pages with variables. Then that leads the player back to the initial page to make more choices. I already know how to make the variables and everything, but not how to remove the pages. A non-code example:

You have four girls to think about: Amy, Amber, Rose and Crystal. Say you think about Rose, so you click her link. The page gives you some detailed text about Rose and, unknown to the player, gives a variable of something like "PlayerLovesRose". So now you can go back and think about someone else- well, you don't want to think about Rose again, so we want to get rid of that and have only three options, not all four still. And obviously if you think of another girl, that adds another variable, you'd now have only two choices left.

I tried this with the "while" command, stating that while a certain variable is true that the page that would normally lead to it should be false, but this seems to result in an error. Any way around this?



It sounds like the easiest route is to create more pages, one page for each scenario.

RemovePageLink (menu page, rose)
Or whatever the names of your pages are.

What you need to do is this:

Go into the Code View part, and paste this code: (Assuming that your 'think about' menu is called ThinkAbout)

RemovePageLink (ThinkAbout, rose)

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