Random questions from a noob.

Hey I am really new to this.

I basically want to make a gamebook type game and later convert it to android.
Now i'd like to use the gamebook editor since this perfectly fits my needs.
In gamebook you can continue to the next page by clicking the text, is it possible to also create buttons around it so it doesnt look so bland?
And the textadventure interface also features things like eg. health and money, is it possible to keep track of things like that in gamebook mode?

Or lets say.. is there any tutorial specifically for gamebook, since I cannot find any?


You can use CSS and JS to control mostly every aspect of your game, but it requires coding/programming.

In fact, there is so much that can be done with Quest, it's a little hard to find specific things sometimes due to all the documentation. (This is a good thing, I promise!)

See if any of this helps:

The documentation

Creating a text adventure that works and looks like a gameboook

A recent forum thread discussing numerous things regarding gamebooks

There's also the Squiffy editor, from the creator of Quest: http://textadventures.co.uk/squiffy

Squiffy has no GUI though -- it's 100% code-writing, but it is VERY EASY syntax.

Beyond that, someone is always wandering around here, just waiting to help someone else out!

So feel free to ask anything!

Thanks a bunch Richard for setting me up!

I'll read through all of it and see if I can figure something out.

If something pops up I'll be sure to post it immediately ;)

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